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Studio Scale A-Wing from the Hector Rosales Collection

Built by artist Michael Provenzano, then photographed by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global) of Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic, this fantastic replica now resides in the collection of Mr...

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NEW UPDATE!!! 41 Inch! ROTJ Blockade Runner KIT from Chris Kelley

January 24, 2011 UPDATE!!

To contact Chris Kelley direct regarding this Kit, please click his banner link below…


I am extremely anxious for this fantastic kit’s release...

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Death Star II – Scratch Built by Vincenzo Giordano

I came across this artist online a few years ago and just had to show here what he did back in 2003...

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Death Star II – Scratch and Bash by Jose Maria Clavero Hidalgo

This scratch and bash build is incredible! It captures the evil essence of the menacing Death Star II as seen in Star Wars – Return of the Jedi...

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Studio Scale A-Wing by Guy Cowen

Built from the studio scale A-Wing parts created by New York Artist Michael Provenzano, professional U.K...

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DONATED!! ROTJ Speeder Bike Diorama by Randy Neubert

Speeder Bike Diorama

Donated to a Museum!

Hello! My name is Randy Neubert of VoodooFX!  Here is some history behind this one of a kind custom Speeder Bike & Diorama for sale...

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1:24 B-Wing by Daniel Schaffer

Built from the molds of the originally known as the Robert Burns kit, which was mastered by professional modeler Alfred Wong, this piece is absolutely beautiful! Master builder Daniel Schaffer ...

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