CHRONICLE DELIVERS!! Stargate ANUBIS Helmet for the KUHN GLOBAL Collection

Last Friday, Oct 30, 2015, three large boxes came to me via FedEx! The Anubis Helmet had arrived! Like a kid on Christmas morning, I wanted to rip it open to see the marvelous creation inside, but alas, no time availed itself until yesterday. As an older modeler, I thought I would share with you all the individual pieces in high resolution, that you may admire the great detail work that Chronicle delivered.

As stated this piece came is three boxes. Two larger boxes, with one that obviously carry’s the mounting pole. All well packed and wrapped within the shaped Styrofoam, I found unpacking all the pieces easy, but with time needed to take proper care. Since this Helmet is pretty much a layered piece with a mounting pole, and as heavy as it is, there is no way to actually wear it without a complete re-design. To be honest, I wouldn’t want to wear the piece anyway since looking at it’s great details is the true pleasure. That stated, I am certain someone will manage to modify one someday… in fiberglass to wear.

Assembling this beast was a slight challenge. However, Chronicle did a fantastic job with this design to match up bolt holes as best as they could with this material used. Slight bending and tweaking was needed to fit the bolts. As everyone knows, it is best to test fit the pieces together first, allowing one to view any challenges in fitment. In doing this one should not tighten any bolts until they must, allowing for bolt hole positioning, It is obvious where all the bolts go as the assembly progresses.

The head has a battery compartment under it’s chin, housing three AAA batteries. There is a switch on the underside rear of the head that when pressed turns on the fantastic glowing blue eyes of the Jackal. Absolutely fantastic!

I almost forgot to mention the weighted Pyramid base! This is a beautiful piece in itself in it’s fantastically detailed glory! That stated, I would love to see Chronicle release the Pyramid model from this film in a large scale as well. Hint.. hint. LOL. Didn’t Randy Cooper work on that? Nudge, nudge. LOL.

Once assembled, it is quite beautiful… and well worth every cent paid. This will proudly be shown in the collection.

Please excuse the mess in the photos. Everything is pulled apart currently… lol. As I know I will get questions about it, the Han in Carbonite is an actual Carpet that is hanging as a place-holder for the actual piece that is currently on it’s way.

I want to thank Chronicle for a job well done. That means everyone from the owner, the management and creative staff, to those packing the piece, and the office workers who make sure we get what we get. You all helped in bringing forth a magnificent piece.

This one of Number 35. Enjoy the photos…

Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global Inc.
Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic


























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