QMX #0002 1:850 Enterprise 1701-D from the Michael Plante Collection

When everyone heard that former ILMer John Elban and Crew at QMX was doing the 1701-D, excitement began to stir! Let me state that this model is completely impressive! They engineered it to be quite beautiful in all it’s glory! I wish to thank Michael Plante and QMX for allowing me to show this beast they have created! I would also like to congratulate Michael for getting #0002 in the entire run that will be done! I am informed that #0001 was taken by another VIP collector who shall remain nameless at this time. Rest assured it is in good hands. As for this one…. at a price tag of $9,995.00 …. it came out perfectly! I especially love the shuttle bay interiors they created.. and the amazing phaser lighting effect! I know Michael is absolutely thrilled with this piece as he should be! Kudos to QMX, John Eblan.. and his fantastic crew for doing such a fine job! Michael…. I admit… I am jealous my friend! LOL.

1701D Ed2_13



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