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Jarek Książczyk (JERAC) – 6.62 Foot, 110 Pound LEGO Build – Star Wars – Admiral Thrawn’s Imperial Star Destroyer CHIMAERA

As stated in an article I wrote, later to be found on this day’s updates… I stand amazed at the art form, and all types of creation within it. Inspiration comes in many forms!

While searching the inte...

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Charles Anderson – ROGUE ONE – 59.5″ Imperial Star Destroyer INTIMIDATOR – LEGO MOC-77525

This art form amazes me. It spans so many aspects of creativity and inspiration...

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LEGO Master Garry King’s Star Wars Diorama – The Falcon is Down

I have for you this time a totally inspired build from what your brilliant builders created and you shared with us all. I was told by so many in my Lego group “I can’t do that”, however I did...

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MASSIVE LEGO 2700mm (106 Inch!) S.S. BRICKANY Bay – a.k.a S.S Bontany Bay from Star Trek by Garry King



A Bit of fun to pass the time away and have a rest from the Battlestar Galactica Universe.

Those who remember this vessel from the original T...

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Garry King’s LEGO Millennium Falcon from SOLO

This fantastic artist has been a master Lego builder for a long time now, building most amazing pieces…some of which we have had the pleasure of showing here on Modeler Magic...

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In the seventh millennium of time in the Battlestar Universe . The Colonial Viper MkVII was the most advanced fighter in the Colonies then followed by the Viper class.

The Cylons showed man just how g...

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LEGO Cylon Raider by LEGO MOCs Designer, David Duperron

So here is the Cylon Raider UCS, scaled to fit the Colonial Viper. The model is made of 3253 genuine LEGO parts, for a total length of 66,5cm (83,1 studs) and a width of 45,0cm (56,3 studs)...

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HUGE 97 Inch! Battlestar: Van Demons – Lego Creation by Garry King

This new Battlestar is the third custom built model I have created since 2010.

I kept the basic concept shape of the Battlestar and just added a heap of detail where it seemed to be needed.

Taking ove...

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Garry King’s HUGE (60 Inch!) Lego Build of the Ancient Colonial Viper

“I saw this build on Modeler Magic and said it was a must to construct. Using the Mk I viper it was fairly easy to do with some structural modifications. Enjoy...

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1:240 (100 Inches!!) The Gemini Freighter Stardrive Section – LEGO Build by Garry King


The Gemini Freighter Stardrive section

As I was dismantling the Gemini Freighter, I began to see a better aspect of the freighter not just as a Battlestar Galactica mo...

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