Charles Anderson – ROGUE ONE – 59.5″ Imperial Star Destroyer INTIMIDATOR – LEGO MOC-77525

This art form amazes me. It spans so many aspects of creativity and inspiration. From scratch building using plastics, to scratch building using card stock, or in fact anything to create a shape we all have enjoyed. We use paint to create a visual masterpiece on canvas or paper. Or we use a computer program to digitally create parts, or digitally build a model which we then 3D Print to have in the physical world. We sculpt both by hand and digitally to create form which is pleasing to our eyes and evokes emotion that we appreciate… be them good or bad. It is amazing, and we have all witnessed so much within it. Lego is no different, and is just another way of artistic expression. I personally have built with Lego for over 50 years, now sharing my Lego collection with my grandchildren. We have seen masterpieces that are 12 feet long built by Lego Masters shown right here on Modeler Magic. And today we are showing even more of Lego building and creative excellence. Digital has now appeared as mainstream to the Lego world as well…. allowing for custom parts to be created for specific projects. Again… I stand amazed.

Last month I came across this artist while looking through a recent copy of Popular Mechanics. While I was reading the March/April 2020 issue of the magazine, I turned the page and my eye beheld a beautiful photo of a Star Destroyer (taken for William Herkewitz’s PopMech Pro article by Cole Wilson). I then noticed it was made from LEGO’s and that the article was titled “This 44-Pound Star Destroyer Is Leading a LEGO Revolution”.. so I turned to the next page to begin reading the article where I read the artist’s name… Charles Anderson. After reading through the article, I found myself then at my computer searching for him and found several places where he was shown. The PopMech article stated much in information on how Charles made this amazing piece, including making his own parts. That stated, among the many articles written on Charles’s creation, among many sites, there is some mis-information stated regarding it’s size and name comparison the studio model. Even so, that doesn’t effect what his creation is.. which is FANTASTIC. Count me as one of those people who are very impressed. Charles now adorns our pages as one of our amazing Lego artists… and he has well earned being shown. Congratulations to him for his success!

Since reading this article, I have found several LEGO artists who have built many amazing Star Wars pieces, and other subjects… so we shall be showing more… even in today’s update! To see that showing, CLICK HERE! If any of you know Charles… please ask him to contact me here at Modelers Miniatures & Magic.

Of note: There is a Lego model of the Star Destroyer that looks great which Lego sells for $699 USD. It is 42 inches long if anyone wants to dip their toes into the vast creative world of Lego.

Here is what Charles has stated….

I created this over 15 months of designing in, collecting parts, building, back to for redesigns, collecting more parts, rinse and repeat!! It was a major undertaking but I succeeded in making what I believe is a beautiful piece of LEGO art!

Its 19,635 pieces, 59.5 inches long and weighs 43.7 lbs.

I will let the rest speak for itself!

Charles Anderson

..Below are Facts used from the site..

LEGO ISD Intimidator Facts:
Length: 59.5 inches (190 studs, 151.1 cm)
Width: 37 inches (117 studs, 94 cm)
Height: 24 inches (75 studs, 61 cm)
Height without stand: 19.5 inches (48.26 cm)
Weight: 43.7 lbs
15 months of design and build time
500+ man hours





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