POSSIBLE KIT ALERT!! Moebius GALACTICA Accurization Parts by Marko Osterholz

Not only has Marko accur-ized this build, but may soon be offering the accur-ized parts for all to do so! Check it out!



Lately, I built the new Moebuis TOS Galactica and showed what areas need modification, as well as I showed how that model looks with some 3D-printed parts and a new bridge.

In case you haven’t seen the thread on RPF forums: https://www.therpf.com/f11/modifying-re-fitting-new-moebius-tos-galactica-yes-i-dare-200682/

Attached you see a WIP render of our bridge for 3D print which will replace the kit part (which is awfully inaccurate) and a buildup of my Moebius TOS Galactica.

I’ve been asked several times where people can buy our 3D-printed parts + bridge for the TOS Galactica. We (Model Forces) may offer the parts for distribution?








Marko Osterholz

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