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Marko Osterolz teams up with Stefan Hacker and Christian Fröhlich to create a new model company ( that makes it possible to have studio model accuracy in a smaller desktop model! I must say…. these gentlemen hit this right on the head with what modeler’s are wanting! Though the site is not yet ready, Marko has asked that I add this statement to tell what their new company is doing…

January 12, 2012

We are negotiating with a company here in Germany for getting the replacement parts done with styrene injection molding.

This would be another improvement of the parts.  The company we are negotiating with made most of the injection molding for Revell here, so the highest quality can be expected. Plus, the parts being styrene is plug-and-play for our customers, much more than resin or acrylic parts. Sure, the molds are terribly expensive, but nothing is final yet.

—Important for the world to know is that we’ll be presenting our first kit(s) in near future, plus custom decals and custom painting masks (corrected to match the original studio models).

The website is almost ready! We just a bit more info here and there needed.

I’ll keep you updated!


To contact the KIT PRODUCER direct, please click the CONTACT KIT PRODUCER link below.


Here is something Chris and me are working on right now. Converting the Fine Molds’ X-Wings into ILM hero-style X-Wing. This means MAJOR corrections and 3D-printed parts for replacement.

We founded a company together with Stefan Hacker aka “Hackcore” which is called Model-Forces where we will be offering replacement parts for the Fine Molds X-Wings. All of the parts we will offer will be fit to the X-Wing that are pre-chosen by the customer. Now we are working on Red 1 and Red 5.

Many people tried to get good results by going for StudioScale. We want to prove that we can have as good results in smaller scale.

To give you an idea – see the attached pictures of some prototype –parts.

And also – here is a video of my FM x-Wing conversion into Red 2. 3D-printed parts in there too…








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