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Studio Scale V3 Red 5 X-Wing built by Richard Long

Built from the outstanding V3 Studio Scale X-Wing Kit produced by Mike Salzo, master modeler Richard Long of Sovereign Replicas made this piece just as it was seen in Star Wars – A New Hope...

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Studio Scale Slave 1 (IN PROGRESS) mastered by Richard Long

December 1, 2012 UPDATE

Timeslip’s George Takacs has teamed up with Jason Eaton to do fully built units of the Studio Slave One.

Oct 18, 2011 UPDATE!

Word has it that eFX has this now in order ...

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“Enterprise E” Composite Art by RIDER

Another beautiful piece by RIDER! This was done using one of my blue screen photo of my 1:650 1701-E that Richard Long, of Sovereign Replicas, built for my collection.

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“Ferengi” – Composite Art by RIDER

Utilizing the blue screen photos of this beautiful Studio Scale Ferengi Marauder that Richard Long, of Sovereign Replicas, built for The Collection, my friend RIDER did a most excellent job mak...

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Stargate Center Stone by Richard Long

This piece was masterfully created by Master Artist Richard Long of Sovereign Replicas for the major collection of Thomas Fan! A FANTASTIC PIECE!

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Going, Going, GONE!!1:24 Scimitar Bomber built by Richard Long. Now in the Hector Rosales Collection

Scratch built, Richard Long masterfully made the Scimitar Bomber from the Star Wars Expanded Universe Collection.

This piece has an Modeler Magic Gallery

Appraised value of $3,000

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1:350 Romulan Bird of Prey built by Richard Long

Artist Richard Long made a kit of this years ago, and at that time, I asked him to make me two...

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Kuhn Global 1:350 Star Trek The Motion Picture – Klingon K’Tinga by Richard Long – Blue Screen Photos (Set 1) by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Mastered by artist Richard Long, this was the very first replica of this model in a larger size, and was to scale with the Polar Lights USS Enterprise Refit kit...

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