Studio Scale Slave 1 (IN PROGRESS) mastered by Richard Long

December 1, 2012 UPDATE

Timeslip’s George Takacs has teamed up with Jason Eaton to do fully built units of the Studio Slave One.

Oct 18, 2011 UPDATE!

Word has it that eFX has this now in order to produce a fine replica for the masses!

Feb 25, 2009

Nearly two years in the making now, master modeler Richard Long of Sovereign Replicas, along with help from other well known modeling artists, are near to completing the process of correctly identifying, and applying the parts used on the actual studio model! With the assistance of computer imaging and mastering, Richard crafted the complex shape of the ships hull and is now ready to get it assembled and kits released to the few artists that assisted in it’s creation, as well as a few clients that will help fund the project. A beautiful piece of work, not to mention a great example of how teamwork may be the way to go with most difficult projects.

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