1:650 Enterprise 1701-D mastered by Richard Long

This piece is amazing. When Richard long first asked if I would want one a few years ago I completely got excited! After he and I spoke of funding the project, he then began on his ‘trek’ to sculpting the masters for this amazing model! Soon into his making the first fiberglass cast pieces, this attracted the attention of well known Hollywood replica Artist Jim Key. Jim then made arrangements with his client, Chris Mitch, to further help fund the project along as well as to commission Richard to do specific things to this wonderful kit to suit Jim’s client’s wishes.

So far, the Jim Key build… and another by James Gaunt are the only two actually built. Marc Elkins will be building the 1701-D for the Kuhn Global / Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic Collection with the parts Richard provided.

Below are a few “in progress” shots of Richard’s amazing work into his creation of this massive model 1701-D!

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