TWO Blockade Runners ARRIVE to the Kuhn Global / Modeler Magic Collection

Earlier this week, and a direct drop shipping $800 delivery charge later,  a great treat arrived in the form of a 177 pound, 6 foot long wooden crate…. the two 41 inch Blockade Runner’s that artist Ray Lawson built for me from the amazing Christ Kelley kits! Having little time on my hands as of late, the crate sat untouched until late two nights ago, when I took the time to uncrate the boxes within. Yesterday early evening I managed to cut the two boxes open to view the beasts for the first time in person. The first thing I saw of each model were their massive engine sections that emerged immediately when taking the packing materials away. These things are VERY large. After removing most of the rest of the packing materials, it is obvious to me that Ray’s amazing works on these lost something in translation with the photographs previously taken (SEEN HERE). Don’t get me wrong, these two builds already looked amazing in those photos we all viewed, as Ray did take greatly detailed photos, but seeing them in person REALLY shows their true awesomeness, and Rays fantastic work. Simply stated, they are amazing! Ray did pure, world class work with them both. I am quite impressed. I cannot wait to get these on the studio stands of which are being built next week by artist, and great friend, Marc Elkins. He will be building me 5 stands for a few projects in the works. Getting back to these models, and Ray’s amazing work on them, I have to give Chris Kelley full applause for his creation of this kit for us all! If you can get one, I highly recommend doing so. These two are #’s 6 and 7. Chris sends each out with a full listing of their number and how they came to be. I wish to thank Chris once again for his creation of these kits. Most of all, I wish to thank Ray Lawson for his brilliant work on the both of them! They will be viewed by the masses with great honor, becoming inspiration to all who view them. FANTASTIC!

Kurt Kuhn (me) sitting with the two Blockade Runner in the boxes for scale.2014-02-12_KG_RUNNERS_001

As you can see from this photo above, the beasts are very large. Though it may not look it, I am a VERY large man, sitting in a VERY large seat so all may view their scale. I am still very impressed with their size, and the great build techniques I have seen so far with their unwrapping. More will be seen when the stands arrive and we take detailed photos in front of the Blue Screen, so stay tuned!!

Should any of you feel like getting one or two of these beasts, and even professionally built by Ray Lawson, the information to do so is below.


Ray Lawson II

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To contact Chris Kelley direct, please click the CONTACT ARTIST link below.


Chris Kelley

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