1:400 Titanic Wreck by Ray Lawson II

The Titanic. A vessel that has captured the minds of millions of our viewers in her tragic end, and in the beautiful design she was. Artist Ray Lawson II captures this vessels tragic end as he built how she looks on the Atlantic ocean floor today.

An “as she sits now” diorama, this took two years to design and build using Bob Ballard’s book, showing the exact coordinates and orientation of the wreck halves. As I researched it they found the two bottom hull plates that were scrapped off by the ice berg. It’s built and cut up, using the 1/400 scale newer Minicraft titanic kit.
The rusticles are made from superglue and autumn colored railroad foliage. There is actually 1 and 1/2 miles between the two halves on the actual ocean floor! I also tried to depict the coal field between the hull fragments (she dumped her coal stores as she sank).


Ray Lawson II

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