Cooper Mod: DEVASTATOR by Marc Elkins for the Kuhn Global / Modeler Magic Collection

Randy Cooper blew everyone away when he came out with his 3 foot Avenger kit! Unitilizing Randy’s great kit, artist Marc Elkins has been working diligently, transforming the excellent Cooper kit into the DEVASTATOR, but with idealized parts to match up with Avenger a bit more than the 3 foot filming model. The filming miniature was built to show from only one side, and was not detailed like the Avenger 8 foot model that would eventually be built and used in ESB. I wanted something to show that would incorporate what Devastator would have looked like had it been built as an 8 foot model along side the Avenger. Marc Elkins has made this a reality with his great skill set! Just look at the Devastator details Marc has added, completely changing the front face of the bridge altogether… as well as the guns on the vessel, and the neck!! One thing is for certain…there will be no mistaking this Star Destroyer as being any other than Devastator when completed. I will be picking this piece up from Marc just before Thanksgiving this year…. then Blue Screen photos will follow! Heck… I still have to take Blue Screen of the Studio Defiant and Tydirium now on display here! LOL. I am a bit behind. Anyway.. check out the excellent work Marc is doing! Thousands of fiber optic strands!!! Unlike the original filming model, but again like what an 8 foot version may have been like! I love it!!! Thank you Marc!!
Kurt Kuhn










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Marc Elkins
Las Vegas, NV.


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