COOPER KIT 37 Inch AVENGER by Marc Elkins & Dan Grumeretz for the Kuhn Global Collection

Sometimes I utilize two artists for a single project. This is one of those cases where one of those projects started with one, and was finished by another to free up the first for a priority project. Marc Elkins had started this AVENGER, along with DEVASTATOR (SEEN HERE and HERE with the Blue Screen HERE) last year. At that time we decided to have Marc start on the two Studio Enterprise Refits and turned the Devastator to Dan Grumeretz to complete. Marc did a great job creating the structure build around the armature he specially made to fit on the custom studio stand he also created. Marc also drilled nearly 3000 holes for the fiber to be inserted before the project went to Dan. Thank you Marc! After that, Dan then took the piece and modified many parts of the fantastic Randy Cooper kit to more resemble the Avenger we all know. The fins on the back were completely removed from the resin, then scratch built by Dan, along with the guns that now more resemble Avengers. They now actually have barrels! The front bridge faceplate was also modified with resin shaved off the front, and parts added for the proper look. The engine lighting and flood lights in the belly bay, and along the trench were already in place from Marc’s excellence, and Dan continued that excellence by adding parts to the trenches on both sides that created depth and undercuts that are clearly seen on the 8 foot studio model (seen in our Star Wars Reference Section HERE). Dan then came up with a new way to place fiber in that I have not yet seen anyone do. Usually the fiber is placed in with about an inch left on the outside of the model for that model to be painted, then the fiber to be trimmed closely later, leaving lit fiber, but fiber that are now nubs sticking out, and not flush with the hull. Dan painted the model first, then added the fiber. Pulling from the front to the back (or inside), Dan used regular Elmers glue on the tips that would be pulled back to flush with the hull. The Elmers glue held very well. The reason this has not been done like this before is because modelers usually used high grade glue that would normally damage the fiber if used on it, making it brittle and most likely allowing it to break quickly. The Elmers glue is an all around glue that is soft and has no effect on the fiber. I have never seen this glue used in this manner, and now I know it works very well thanks to Dan trying it out. The photos below don’t show everything, but do give you an idea of what this beast looks like. Dan’s camera was set on macro and thus captured the imperfections of the resin cast that is imperceptible with the human eye… well… at least my own eyes. Marc and Dan did a fantastic job on this piece. When this arrives it will be in the long ling of newer pieces that I must get in front of the Blue Screen for all to utilize in composite art, or whatever. Thank you Marc & Dan…. a job well done….I am fortunate to work with you both.
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