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Lee Ralph’s (Johnston/Rodis-Jamero SKETCHBOOK & Cantwell/McQuarrie Inspired) Concept Y-Wing – COMPLETED!!

Here is my Joe Johnston Star Wars Sketchbook Concept Y wing.

I’d been toying with the idea of building this some two years back or so now...

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Jason Eaton’s (Johnston/Cantwell/McQuarrie) 1/24 Concept Y-Wing FANTASTIC PROGRESS! WIP Part 4

Joe Johnston Sketchbook engines coming together… I decided to regrow the main engine as a whole, as I am still feeling my way around this stuff and sometimes am a little conservative with pushing the ...

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Kuhn Global’s 1/24 Ralph McQuarrie Concept A-Wing by Dan Grumeretz

Artist Ralph McQaurrie will always be remembered for his brilliant and imaginative work in the film and art industry...

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Jason Eaton’s Digital Build – WIP Part 3 – The Concept Y-Wing!

I am very much enjoying this digital build by artist Jason Eaton! Once again, in Part 3 of his concept Y-Wing build, his creation is inspired by the works of artist’s Cantwell, Johnston and McQuarrie!...

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Jason Eaton’s Digital Build – WIP Part 2 – The Concept Y-Wing!

Artist Jason Eaton continues to do amazing work on this concept Y-Wing. His creation is inspired by the works of artist’s Cantwell, Johnston and McQuarrie...

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Kuhn Global’s Ralph McQuarrie/Joe Johnston 1/24 X-Wing by Dan Grumeretz

This one was along time coming. I purchased a few parts from the kit’s original pattern maker (Richard Long) years ago, and I knew then were parts missing...

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Jason Eaton’s Digital Build – The Concept Y-Wing!

This might be an all digital model, just to see how far I can stretch myself...

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KIT ALERT!! Alfred Wong’s 1/48 Ralph McQuarrie X-Wing Kit



Star Wars

Ralph McQuarrie

X-Wing Kit

$135 USD

Plus Shipping

  • 1/48 X-Wing+ (Based on the Ralph McQuarrie Concept Art).
  • Finished size: 9.5″L X 8″W.
  • 37 resin parts, 1 clear vac-for...
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KIT ALERT!! 1:72 McQuarrie Concept X-Wing V2 Kit from Galactic Resin Models





Ralph McQuarrie Concept X-Wing

1/72 V2 Kit

$75 USD – X-Wing Kit Only

$85 USD – KIT + Oval Display Base and Brass Tubing

Each is Plus Shipping

Kit Scale: 1/72

Kit Mate...

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Patrick Reilly Brings to Life the McQuarrie Concept X-Wing Concept Painting

The scene was composited using 4 photos.
– 1/24 McQuarrie X wing model
– 1/72 Bandai Tie Fighter (duplicated)
– 2 deathstar panels from Bandai

The Images were cropped and composited in Photoshop...

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