7 Swift’s built by E. James Small

I can never get enough of this artist’s work! These Swifts are beautiful! Artist E. James Small always impresses with his fantastic techniques and finish to the pieces he creates! Beautiful!

Here is what James has to say…

I recently built seven “Swift” kits for customers around the world. I did them all at once, assembly line style, to maintain consistency. They are pretty much identical. Pictures show one of them up close.


I can’t say enough about the extreme high quality of these kits by Alex Dumas of Sci-High models (engine bells all individually machined by Mike Reader)which rival or supersede the quality of the best injection kits. Even the kit parts that were used on the original studio model were accurately reproduced by alex’s incredible “shrinking” method of molding in stages. They are simply the most exquisitely and perfectly manufactured garage kits I’ve ever seen, but are a tremendous amount of work, mostly building the legs which are made of dozens of pieces of brass and aluminum tube and rod. I worked on them off and on, between other jobs, for about a year!


E. James Small

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