1:72 Viper MK II by John Beaulieu for the Sarah Scott Collection

Here is a beautiful build from an artist that has shown his fantastic works in the past…. John Beaulieu!


I am pleased to present to you my latest build for the Sarah Scott Collection!

She asked me how long it would take to bang out Sci-High’s 1/72 Viper MK II, I told her about a week…then we started to discuss the possibility of lighting the engines! What started out as a simple addition of engine lights ended with me getting carried away and I added wingtip marker lights, a fully lit instrument panel and even “firing” guns!

I had to make a custom base built up from a small project box as the number of LEDs in the plane (8 total!) requires two 9V batteries to be able to run for any appreciable length of time. The base was finished with a black “hammered finish” and I added the squadron logo to add some visual interest.








John Beaulieu

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