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Full Scale Millennium Falcon Project UPDATE from Greg Dietrich

The Full Scale Falcon Project is still moving forward and we’re slowly approaching our 5th year! There have been a LOT of changes and updates to the cockpit since our last update/posting...

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NEWS! DeAgostini’s Studio Scale Millennium Falcon with SD Studios own Stephen Dymszo

The world of Sci-Fi Modelers has been buzzing with DeAgostini’s subscrition release of the Studio Scale Millennium Falcon! Not only is this Falcon extremely accurate, as made certain by Mr...

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“George Lucas – Star Wars in 3-D?” article by Brent Lang of

Lucas, George

The Jedi master has noticed the success of “Avatar” and is thinking about retooling his films to fit the format

By Brent Lang

George Lucas just can’t stop fiddling around with his galax...

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