Full Sized Falcon Build CONTINUES!!!

The team building the full scale Falcon is doing absolutely amazing work, making a dream come true! Fantastic! And btw… as Greg informed me, this project has the FULL go ahead approval from both Lucas and Disney! It is ON!!


Finally… another update to the Full Scale Falcon build!
As many of you know several of us are attempting to build the most screen accurate full scale replica of the iconic Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars trilogy.  Well… we’ve come a long way since those first couple of panels were cut almost 2 years ago…
The center console was all but finished when we decided to give her a makeover by adding sounds and lights.  It was also decided that the newly designed console would become a stand alone prop – console and two seats (pilot / co-pilot). It will be mounted to a base (with castors) and have the pilot and co-pilot chairs (upholstered to match the originals).  It will be used for smaller venues, shows and events where the cockpit would be difficult to display.  We’re hoping the smaller display, where folks can sit, flip switches and pull the throttles, hear sounds and special effects, will still give a sense of being in the Falcon cockpit and make them realize that this project is for real!
Our efforts have led us to this point!  We are scrambling to get a near finished prop before our project founder, Chris Lee, gives a speech at this year’s TEDx in Nashville, TN on 22 Mar 2014.  Our efforts include: working nav screen, 150+ working LEDs, sounds, new paint scheme and new greeblies (details to match ESB).
The team has put in some long nights… but we couldn’t be more thrilled!  More photos coming soon!
Greg Dietrich

Greg Dietrich

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