Red Lectroid Thermopod from the Buckaroo Banzai movie By Doug Shortes

Doug Shortes


Red Lectroid Thermopod from the Buckaroo Banzai movie

This is a studio scale replica of the Red Lectroid Thermopod from the 1984 film “The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension”.  The replica is about two feet long and painstakingly sculpted by hand to accurately reflect every detail of the original. This was quite a departure from my other works but I love this ship design and the movie and wanted to create this replica for my collection.

The internal framework is made from plywood, styrene, and modeling foam.  Copper tubes provide an armature and support for the arms. The exterior is sculpted with Apoxie Sculpt and was completed in multiple sections with the joints between sections concealed along the natural lines of the surface details. Greeblies matching the original were used where possible to accurately match the filming model.

The model was painted with enamel paints. Weathering and detail was added with various enamel washes to add depth to the finish. Light pastel work was added to complete the finish.

Douglas Shortes

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