“COLONIAL ONE” Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Majestically flying next to her armored protector, the Galactica, the Presidents vessel is poised with confidence in it’s role to lead the human race to the thirteenth tribes planet of Earth.

This piece was created using a CG ZOIC Battlestar Galatica photo, along with the photos of the fantastic build of Colonial One by master modeler Douglas Shortes.

This took very little effort and looks as if the entire piece is CG! If you notice… the INTERSUN wording on the upper fuselage is backwards due to my horizontally flipping one of Doug’s photos to match the Galactica’s position and lighting. This to may be changed when time permits, but I thought Doug’s build looked so great with it’s CG counterpart that I just wanted to show it!

To view this composite in it’s full size, please just click upon it…


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