Studio Scale Star Trek TMP Vulcan Warp Sled & Shuttle WIP by Douglas Shortes

Artist Doug Shortes is doing something I have yet to see anyone else do… the studio scale replica of the Motion Picture Vulcan Sled and Shuttle! This is magnificent and you can bet it will look fantastic when finished!

I attached a few pictures of the warp sled progress. I haven’t started the shuttle yet. This is build is mostly uncharted territory for me with laser cutting the acrylic framework myself. These two nacelles are both starboard side mockups and part of the learning curve. I just set it up for these photos to get a sense of the size. Bending the 1/4″ acrylic for the sled cross-over piece is also a challenge and just a test piece. Hopefully the 3rd try on the nacelles will be successful. In any case it’s very cool to see it finally taking physical form in full size. It’s going to be very impressive at this size, nearly 3 feet long. The next step is lots of minor adjustments on the CAD drawings for the acrylic ribs before I cut out another batch. I have more photos on the boards but this is pretty much where I ended up.





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