eFX Studio X-Wing from the Albert Siow Collection

Purchased from eFX, this X-Wing originally looked VERY different due to it’s mass production paint scheme. Many, including myself, thought the paint job made it look a bit toy-like with base coat paint over-spray, rounding the edges of the hard corners that should look crisp. Well… problem solved! Albert asked artist Richard Long to strip the original down and re-paint it to this glorious looking piece you now see here! NOW it looks like the studio model it could have from the beginning. This is not knocking eFX as they had to get this out for reasonable pricing. The model itself is beautiful and eFX should be commended for their work and release of this piece for the price they sold it for. A paint job that is world class (like we see here) really would have made this model cost much, MUCH more for the public! Not to mention the time needed to do so. Over all eFX did a great job and I thank them for doing so! Albert surely has a beautiful and unique version of this X-Wing! Richard did a fantastic job!





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