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SOLD!!! Master Replicas’ U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Commemorative Edition Artist Proof from Barry Jones

Barry Jones


Star Trek / Master Replicas

Enterprise NCC-1701
Commemorative Edition


NOW In the Albert Siow Collection!!

From the personal collection of Barry Jones, former ...

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Scott Boon’s VIPER Evolution Display from the Albert Siow Collection

These displays that artist Scott Boon is producing are absolutely fantastic! Just ask collector Albert Siow, whose display this is! We may just have to get one of these displays for Modeler Magic!




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1:350 STIII Klingon Bird of Prey by Steve Carricato for the Albert Siow Collection

Built to resemble the studio model as much as possible, artist Steve Carricato made the BOP a treat to view! This bad boy is now in the collection of Albert Siow!

DY-100b DSV 123

DY-100b DSV 053

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1:350 Klingon Bird of Prey WIP Steve Carricato for the Albert Siow Collection

This work in progress is a fantastic Bird of Prey that artist Steve Carricato is making extra special for the collection of Albert Siow!

I have another commission build for Albert Siow...

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Wall Mounted 1:32 Viper EVOLUTION by Scott Boon for the Albert Siow Collection

These 1:32 Viper kit have become quite premium as artist Scott Boon makes them into fantastic EVOLUTION displays like this one for the Albert Siow Collection! His attention to detail and quality is am...

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1701 REFIT Showdown! Builds by John Eblan of FX Co. & QMX

When artist John Elban came aboard as VP in charge of production for QMX… everyone was excited! His fame stemmed from his former ILM works and his own company’s success… The FX Company! Collector’s Mi...

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DY-100 SS BOTANY BAY by Steve Carricato for the Albery Siow Collection

Artist Steven Carricato is now finished with this fantastic Botany Bay for the collection of Alert Siow! Steven is offering build commissions for this piece currently… so don’t miss out!


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eFX X-Wing Re-Paint by Richard Long

I have a NEW appreciation for the Studio Scale X-Wing that eFX released last year...

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