Battlestar Galactica “In Progress” CG Build by Alex Yao

Once again I have the great pleasure of introducing another fine artist to this Gallery. From Taiwan… artist Alex Yao. Utilizing the Studio Model photos that I purchased the rights to, then released a few years ago as public domain (SEEN HERE), Alex is building the Battlestar Galactica part for part as it is on the Studio Model that resides in the famed Gary Cannavo Collection. As you can see by these progress jpegs, he is doing a marvelous job! I am very much looking forward to showing this model when finished. Alex is now aware that the Studio Model is not 72 inches(as shown in the bottom photo), but a little more than 3 inches longer at just over 75 inches in length. He will be making the appropriate corrections.

To contact artist Alex Yao direct, please click HERE.






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