1:537 U.S.S. Kubrick – Kit Bash by Warren Zoell

I recently viewed this artist’s work through his FaceBook page. Today I am honored to introduce this artist to this Gallery site… Mr. Warren Zoell. Owner of The Great Canadian Model Builder’s Site, Warren is an outstanding artist with obvious, great creative skills. This kit bash alone is a fantastic design.

Here is what artist Warren Zoell has to tell about this piece…

Here are some images of my 1/537 scale kit bash Clarke Class U.S.S. Kubrick NCC – 2001 in honor of a great film, a great writer and a great director. 18 months after the christening of the Kubrick she disappeared without a trace while investigating strange signals coming from the beta quadrant. It’s whereabouts to this day still remains a total mystery. Interestingly enough the next ship to bare the 2001 designation was the Excelsior Class U.S.S. Proxima. She too was lost presumably to “unspecified aggressors” though this cannot be substantiated.

The specifications of the Clarke classes only member remains to this day classified.

I built this model using parts from the old AMT Enterprise and Reliant kits. As well as parts from my spares box
The Aztec decals were downloaded from Starship Modelers web site.

Thank You,

Warren Zoell

To visit the fantastic artist’s site, please click on his banner link below…







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