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Bronco Models 1:35 Type XXIII U-Boot by Warren Zoell

Warren Zoell returns with this fantastic U-Boat build! Realism is something he excels in! I love this piece!






To visit The Great Canadian Model Builder’s site direct, please click the banner link...

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1:55 Corellian Engineering Corporation UT – 3015 Unmanned Freighter by Warren Zoell

This creation is magnificent by artist Warren Zoell. I love it!

Here are some images of my 1/55 scale kit bash model of a Corellian Engineering Corporation UT – 3015 Unmanned Freighter...

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Lindberg’s 1/48 scale Tram Car by Warren Zoell

Here is another beautiful piece by Warren Zoell! This abandoned Tram Car is magnificent looking with it’s snowbound look! Of course… the snow is actually baking powder! Beautiful work!





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Space Station K-7 from Warren Zoell

The Star Trek episode “The Trouble with Tribbles” is one of the most classic of all Star Trek Episodes! So much so that Star Trek Deep Space Nine did an episode that ties into that same episode, calli...

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1:144 DeSantis NAUTILUS by Warren Zoell

Once again this fantastic Canadian artist comes forward with another great build! This time, built from the Pegasus kit, is the DeSantis designed NAUTILUS! I love it!





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Trumpeter 1:32 North American F-100 D Super Saber by Warren Zoell

The Canadian Modeler is at it again with his excellence in model building! So true to life that I often have issues knowing if what I am viewing is a miniature!






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Tamiya’s 1:12 Honda Formula One RA 273 Racer by Warren Zoell

Canadian Modeler Warren Zoell is at it again with this magnificent build of the Tamiya Formula One Racer of Honda’s...

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2001 ASO Moonbus by Warren Zoell

The Moonbus has got to be one of the best science fiction designs ever. This build of the Moebius model by Canadian artist Warren Zoell captures the essence of the original filming model perfectly...

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The Yellow Submarine by Warren Zoell

The Great Canadian Model Builder is back with this fantastic build of the Beatles Yellow Submarine! Outstanding!!






To visit The Great Canadian Model Builder’s site direct, please click the banner...

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1:72 FM Millennium Falcon by Warren Zoell

Recent polls taken of us Star Wars fans have concluded that the most popular space vehicle of all time is the Millennium Falcon! Not surprising to me, as it is mine as well! LOL...

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