UPDATE #1: TWO 66 Inch TOS Constitution Class Starship Kit Builds by Marc Elkins

I have the extreme pleasure of showing two builds that are being done for the Collection’s of Marc Elkins and myself. being built from the amazing Steve Neill kits, these two are being built as Enterprise NCC-1701 and Lexington NCC-1709… both as seen in the original series episode “The Ultimate Computer”.  Steve did a great job creating these kits, and I know that Marc is going to do them both the quality builds they deserve being what they represent. There will be no “Captain Duncel” here!

You can see how large they are with on nacelle being placed on top of the studio scale Master Replica Enterprise! The nacelle is the same length as the entire model! Not to mention the Pepsi can placed among the laid out parts… and the nacelle placed next to the 8 foot TMP Enterprise Refit Nacelle that is also being built by Marc! FANTASTIC!!!

Unfortunately, Steve has decided to only make a few of these kits since they take up so much time to make.

Here is Marc’s impression of the kits as delivered by Steve…

The 66″ Starship kit from Steve Neill is an outstanding model that was well thought out, providing an experienced modeler an excellent foundation to build off of, the fiberglass hulls come with all the major fiberglass flashing trimed off the edges from the molds, which allows the builder more time to actually work on the model rather than waste time removing mold flash,  the windows are etched outlined so they are very visible for opening them up, all parts are very clean and require minimal putty fill and sanding, the pylon and nacelle grills are photo etched brass which when painted and built onto the model will look superior to any molded in grill pattern, and the decals are already laid out in their correct positions which will only require the builder to measure out the exact locations on the hull and gently apply, none of the applying one number or letter at a time is needed, all in all its a great kit at a fair price, accuracy, size and price made this kit very appealing and I would recommend it to any collector or builder.

Marc Elkins







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