KIT CANCELLED!! 1:900 (72 cm) Enterprise 1701-D from DeAgostini

December 2012
The one and only casting given to Rick of this cancelled Kit

now sits in the Modeler Magic / Kuhn Global Collection

for ALL to view. After the build is completed, photos will follow.


That is right!…. You are not misreading the title! This model kit will be over 28 inches long and have clear parts that will display each deck of the Enterprise D from Star Trek The Next Generation. Heavily involved with this project is Star Trek’s own Rick Sternbach, who is assisting with the over-all fit, finish and even with internal decks with sections we never viewed in the TV series or Movie. This piece is being released by DeAgostini, but aside from Japan it is not yet known where this kit will also be released. Cross you fingers as I have several calls out to find out more. I have placed a request to a very large vender to carry this kit if they are able. Aside from the stated Japan price on the video… and these photos taken from the video, not much else is known at this time. At least we are all now aware of this fantastic kit! I wish to thank Rick Sternbach for his involvement with DeAgostini in bringing something like this to life for us all.

Here is what Rick had to say today on FaceBook…

This thing has been in the works for at least a year now. The test parts they’ve sent me look really, really nice.


My handlers aren’t entirely certain yet about wider distribution. It will start in Japan, and from there, who knows.


Aside from reworking all of the deck plans and accurizing the exterior blueprints, I’m upgrading a lot of Starfleet equipment internal guts, and we’re adding views of things never seen in the course of the TV show or Generations.

Rick Sternbach


To visit Rick Sternbach’s excellent site, please click his banner link below…

(Please do not contact Rick about this kit. He is bound by NDA and cannot answer the questions you may have.)



















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