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1:1000 Jasper Class Starship by Warren Zoell

Once again Warren Zoell returns with another outstanding Starship… the Jasper Class. Looks like a speedy beast!

Here are some images of my kit bash of a 1/1000 scale Jasper Class Starship...

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1:1000 Belliger Class Starship – USS CYCLOPS by Warren Zoell

Warren Zoell is back again with another fantastic kit bash creation! This Starship certainly has flare! I love it!

Here is what Warren has to say…

Here are some images of my 1/1000 scale kit bash of t...

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1:350 Mercury 9 by Warren Zoell

This beautiful retro type rocket ship really brings me to another time. Artist Warren Zoell has done his usual fantastic work!

From Warren…

Here are some images of Pegasus Model’s 1/350 scale Mercury ...

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When World’s Collide – Space Ark by Warren Zoell

The classic film “When Worlds Collide” still is one of the best depictions of human fear and greed...

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HMS Surprise by Warren Zoell

Canadian Artist Warren Zoell is back with this beautiful model ship build! This is one of those builds that bring me back to my youth, and model ship building...

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Lindberg 1:16 1914 Mercedes Racer by Warren Zoell

The Racers of old have always intrigued me. I think it may be due to the fact that I am a huge Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Great Race… both of which featured these kinds of racers...

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U.S.S. Paul Bunyan by Warren Zoell

Beautiful kit bash placed in an even more beautiful scene by artist Warren Zoell!

Here is what Warren has to say…

Here is my composite image of my kitbash 1/1400 scale Halien Class Starship of the U...

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Flying Wings – Composite Art by Warren Zoell

Here is another beautiful composite by Warren Zoell…

Here is my composite image of AMT’s 1/72 scale Northrop XB35 Flying Wing and Testors 1/72 scale Northrop B2 Spirit flying in formation...

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Dragonfly by Warren Zoell

This fantastic variation of the Discovery from 2001 is very intriguing to me! I love this design by Warren Zoell!

Discovery Dragonfly

Discovery Dragonfly 4

Discovery Dragonfly 1

Discovery Dragonfly 2

Discovery Dragonfly 3

“My God! It’s full of stars!”

s full of Stars!

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Jedi TIE Fighter – Composite Art by Warren Zoell

Here is another fantastic piece from Warren Zoell! I love this artist’s creativity with these pieces!

To view this piece in it’s large size, please click on it.

Jedi TIE Fighter

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