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Zvezda’s 1:72 scale Roman Trireme by Warren Zoell

Here is another beauty by Warren Zoell. Yet another avenue of his talented tastes!

Normally I refuse to build plastic ship kits anymore but this kit was so interesting I couldn’t resist...

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IRONMAN 1 from 1969’s Marooned by Warren Zoell

The 1969 film “Marooned” is one of my favorite fantasy films based on real space flight...

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Venator RSD by Warren Zoell

Here is another fantastic piece from Warren Zoell! Great work!



Here’s my Venator offering though nothing can compare to what that guy in Germany did...

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The Various Composite Works of Warren Zoell

Canadian artist Warren Zoell is so fast at this art form that I simply cannot keep up with his amazing works! I have decided to place this specific showing today as a multitude of his composite works ...

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Trumpeter’s 1:16 scale T-34/85 Model 1944 “Factory No.183” Tank by Warren Zoell

Warren Zoell is definitely an artist of many genre’s in this art form! Here is his fantastic T-34/85 Tank!

Here are some images of Trumpeter’s 1/16 scale T-34/85 Model 1944 “Factory No.183” tank...

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Enterprise XCV-330 – Composite by Warren Zoell

Here is another beautiful composite by artist Warren Zoell made from the fantastic early Enterprise model he scratch built!

XCV-330 Enterprise_edited-1

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1:144 XCV-330 Enterprise scratch built by Warren Zoell

The history of the Starship Enterprise Design is extremely fascinating in my opinion… and so is the creation of this amazing model by Warren Zoell. This piece is beautiful...

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Quick Run Around the Block by Warren Zoell

This beautiful composite I just had to name after the fantastic words of Capt. John Harriman of the Enterprise B….. when in fact this is obviously the Enterprise E over Mars...

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Orion on Ariane 5 Booster by Warren Zoell

Once again I can never get enough of this builder’s works...

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USS Defiant and The Tholian Web – Builds and Composite by Warren Zoell

What Star Trek fan doesn’t remember the fantastic episode.. The Tholian Web! These fantastic builds and composite by Warren Zoell captures it perfectly!

Here are some images plus some composites of Ro...

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