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1701-D Over Florida by Warren Zoell

Warren Zoell creates such amazing scenery behind his already magnificent builds!


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Messenger Class WARP Shuttle – CS Lewis – Scratch & Bash by Warren Zoell

Here is another outstanding creation by Canadian artist Warren Zoell! I love this design as it really takes me back to the more simple design of the past whose lines are truly magnificent! A beautiful...

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Yesterday’s Enterprise by Warren Zoell

This is Yesterday’s Enterprise by artist Warren Zoell! To our normal viewers… do I really need to say more? To our new viewers… enjoy!

Here are some images plus a composite of AMT/Round 2 Models 1/140...

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USS Kubrick over IVAN – Composite and Model by Warren Zoell

Canadian artist Warren Zoell has quite a list of art achievements…especially with fantastic model creation and composite art works...

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Enterprise “B” – Build & Composite by Warren Zoell

This is beautiful! Warren has again demonstrated his expertise in this entire piece… from the build… to the final composite!

To view this piece in it’s original large form, please click on it.


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2001 ASO – American Nuclear Weapon Satellite by Warren Zoell

Artist Warren Zoell again shows his multiple skills with his build and composite of the American Nuclear Weapon Satellite from 2001 A Space Odyssey! Fantastic!

Here are some images of my scratch built...

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MPC 1:24 Junkers JU87 B2 Stuka by Warren Zoell

Here is another fantastic build by Canadian artist Warren Zoell! Built from the MPC kit…. Warren has done his usual magic to bring this piece to life!







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1:48 scale Jamstec Shinkai 6500 Manned Research Submersible by Warren Zoell

This Bandai kit build by Warren Zoell is fantastic! We have never shown a Research Sub before today. I love this piece!

This is one of the best kits I have seen in a long time...

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Star Trek Phase II Enterprise – Scratch & Bash by Warren Zoell

Star Trek Phase II, the series that never made it to the Television screen, but of which turned into Star Trek The Motion Picture! There were several design upgrades done for this show, one of which i...

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Composite Art Works of Warren Zoell

Canadian artist Warren Zoell is a huge participant in this art form, and he frequently emails me his amazing creations that I am honored to show to all of you on Modeler Magic...

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