HMS Surprise by Warren Zoell

Canadian Artist Warren Zoell is back with this beautiful model ship build! This is one of those builds that bring me back to my youth, and model ship building. This one, of course, being much better than anything I could have done. I love this build…. and I love old wooden ships! Nicely done warren!

It’s the HMS Surprise from the Patrick O’Brian novels. Master and
Commander and that sort of thing. Though this model is really the
historical Surprise. The kit is from Artesania Latina and it’s 1/48

From the box top”
The French Frigate Unite built in 1794, was taken with no resistance
from the neutral harbor of Bona in the Mediterranean on the 20th of
April 1796 by the British Frigate Inconstant. She was purchased for
the Royal Navy, renamed Surprise, and armed with 24X32 pounder
carronades on the upper deck.

In October 1799, 100 of Surprises crew recaptured H.M.S. Hermione 1782
who’s crew had mutinied against her officers in 1797, by boarding from
the ships boats, led by Captain Hamilton (sorry no Jack Aubrey).

Surprise was sold in 1802 at the time of the Peace of Amiens,
reflecting the decision to reduce the size of the Royal Navy after
peace had been signed with France.








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