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2001 ASO – Weapon Satellites by Warren Zoell

Warren Zoell has long been an artist producing many great pieces that feature a 2001 ASO theme, or of the actual models themselves...

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Santa Maria by Warren Zoell

I love MERITIME builds! Artist Warren Zoell always impresses me with his amazing work!





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To contact Warr...

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1:65 MAYFLOWER by Warren Zoell

I absolutely LOVE old ship builds. This one especially rings loud to me as being a replica of the Mayflower! Beautiful build by Warren Zoell!









To visit The Great Canadian Model Builder’s site ...

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Something Found on the Moon – Diorama by Warren Zoell

A beautiful take of an Apollo mission by Warren Zoell!

A discovery found on the moon by Apollo 17 astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt on December 16, 1972.
Due to it’s possible implications ...

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COMING SOON Model Kit List – Gathered by Warren Zoell

Artist Warren Zoell comprised this fantastic list of upcoming kits… two of which are more significant in my eye… and some of yours I am sure!

The first notable kit for me off this list was a surprisin...

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BISMARCK by Warren Zoell

Commissioned in 1940 along with her sister ship TIRPITZ, the Bismarck was the largest Battleship in the German fleet, and certainly one of the most well known in history! Warren Zoell again captures t...

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1:1400 N.S.E.A Protector by Warren Zoell

Built from the Pegasus Hobbies kit, artist Warren Zoell did a beautiful job with this piece! Even the engine lighting is fantastic!






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1:350 Polar Lights/Round 2 ENTERPRISE 1701 by Warren Zoell

This long awaited kit has finally come… and we are now viewing the many fantastic build ups of it as they are completed! Here is one fantastic build by artist Warren Zoell! I love this!







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Composite Works of Warren Zoell

Artist Warren Zoell has brought us many, many excellent pieces to view over the years we have been online. These are even more to add to an already impressive arsenal of art under his belt...

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Iron Shipwrights 1:72 U.S.S. Holland (SS-1) & Holland Boat No.1 by Warren Zoell

We can always count on artist Warren Zoell to show us some very cool designs… beautifully built! I love these!





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