COMING SOON Model Kit List – Gathered by Warren Zoell

Artist Warren Zoell comprised this fantastic list of upcoming kits… two of which are more significant in my eye… and some of yours I am sure!

The first notable kit for me off this list was a surprising scale.

Revell – 1:30 (over 16 inches long!) X-Wing Fighter


06690 X-wing Fighter

Model details
Scale 1:30
Release date 10/2013
No. of parts 62
Length 416 mm
Number of figures 1
Skill Level 2

The name X-Wing Fighter is derived from its superimposed double wings that form a lying X in combat configuration in order to increase its area of fire. The wings can be extended during combat or upon entry into a planet’s atmosphere. High Energy Laser Cannon can be found on the wing-tips. The X-Wing Fighter soon proved itself to be one of the most effective ships in the Galaxy and quickly became the standard fighter in the Rebel Alliance.

Length about 41 cm, 1 pilot figure. Can be built with landing skids either deployed or retracted.


The second is one we all assumed would be released in 1:2500 eventually by Round 2. Looks like Revell called the ball instead! This release coincides with the new Star Trek film release… Into Darkness!

Revell 1:500 (Over 23 inches long!)

04882 U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 (movie 12)

Revell Star Trek Into Darkness USS Enterprise

Model details
Scale 1:500
Release date 05/2013
No. of parts 62
Length 588 mm
Skill Level 3

In 2009 the meanwhile 11th Star Trek Movie arrived in the cinemas. So much from the past has changed in the course of its journey through time that a new time-line has been created and thus interactions with films from the 60’s and later are no longer relevant. The new film called “Into Darkness” continues the plot from the 11th film. The main protagonists in the film, which is set around the year 2255 are as usual the young James T. Kirk, Mr Spock as well as Pill & Co. Supporting actors, especially Uhura and Chekov play a much larger part.


And of course the remaining list (which doesn’t reflect everything out there), but looks pretty exciting! Keep in mind that the GK industry is NOT included, but of which does have some amazing new studio scale and other scaled kits being released this year under different kit maker names!

MPC Alien Figure (reissue) – 793 2013
Moebius Battlestar Galactica – BSG Original – 1/942 2Q13
Moebius Battlestar Pegasus – 1/931 1Q13
Polar Lights C-57D Forbidden Planet 1/144 895 Apr-13
Moebius Cylon Raider – BSG Original – 941 3Q13
Polar Lights Delorean Back to the Future (reissue) 24 911 2013
Polar Lights Enterprise NX-01 (reissue) 1/350 902 2013
Moebius Grandpa – The Munsters – 1/934 2Q13
Moebius Herman – The Munsters – 933 2Q13
Revell AG Kit Fisto’s Jedi Starfighter 39 6688 Oct-13
Moebius Martian Figure – Mars Attacks – 936 2Q13
Pegasus MLEV-5 Mars Lunar Explorer – 9125 Future
DML NASA 747 w/Space Shuttle 144 TBA Future
Pegasus Nautilus 144 9120 Future
Revell USA Nike Missile (Renwall SSP) 1/32 7815 Apr-13
Revell AG Plo Koon’s Jedi Starfighter 1/39 6689 Oct-13
Polar Lights Robby the Robot and Altaira – 893 2013
Moebius Robot – Lost in Space (TV) 1/6 939 May-13
Pegasus Shark w/diver & cage 18 TBA Future
Moebius Space Pod/Chariot Lost in Space 35 1007 May-13
Aoshima Thunderbird 2 (Super Big) – 000946 May-13
Moebius Tumbler – Dark Knight Rises 25 943 2Q13
Revell AG USS Enterprise (New Movie) 1/500scale 4882 May-13
AMT USS Enterprise Bridge Set – TBA 2013
Moebius Viper Mk.I – BSG Original 35 940 1Q13
Polar Lights Wolverine – 892 2013
Revell AG X-Wing Fighter 1/30 scale 6690 Oct-13

Thank you Warren for compiling this list for us all!

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