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Korbanth SUPER STAR DESTROYER built by Paul Nyul

This piece was originally shown on Modelers Miniatures & Magic back on April 3, 2011… and I felt it a great build. Enough so to refresh it to the front page!

Australian artist Paul Nyul is back with t...

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Rebel Transport by Paul Nyul

Artist Paul Nyul spent many hours on two of these Transports making them as accurate as he could get them. I must admit his work wasn’t in vain as this piece looks fantastic!

2013-03-21 19.07.10

2013-03-21 18.52.12

2013-03-21 18.45.39

2013-03-18 17.54.22

2013-03-18 17.54.02

2013-03-04 18.17.19

2013-03-03 19.30.21

2013-03-03 12.29.16

Paul Nyul

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REBEL Transports – WIP by Paul Nyul

Paul Nyul is well known for his works on Star Wars Models… especially those he keeps for his own collection! These two Rebel Transports came from the Anigrand kit… and as you can see Pal is doing some...

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27 inch AVENGER by Paul Nyul

I can NEVER get enough viewership of this Australian artist’s works…. Paul Nyul! Paul works both sides of this art fence… in creation and collection! Here is his latest build....

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27 Inch Star Destroyer WIP by Paul Nyul

Australian artist Paul Nyul is famed for both his amazing Collection… AND his outstanding talents as a modeler! This is some of his outstanding work on the 27 inch Sci-Fi Dynamics “ANIGRAND” Star Dest...

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REL Ralph McQuarrie 1:24 A-Wing by Paul Nyul

This magnificent build of the amazing REL made, Ralph McQuarrie designed A-Wing is by artist Paul Nyul! I can never say enough about this artist’s works…. only that he continues to impress! Beautiful!

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COMPLETED!! Shuttle Tydirium HASBRO Toy Conversion by Paul Nyul

Artist and fellow Collector Paul Nyul is fantastic! We had shown his WIP on this project a few weeks ago, and not it is completed! As beautiful as it is, even Paul admits that there was more that he c...

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Hasbro Toy TYDIRIUM Conversion WIP by Paul Nyul

The Hasbro Toys are so outstanding today that many modelers simply choose to convert what is convert-able about them! Their Shuttle Tydirium is very much one that could be made to look like a studio m...

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HASBRO Sandcrawler Studio Conversion by Paul Nyul

I love when artist Paul Nyul sends me project updates he is working on. Especially those that are surprising to my eyes...

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1:48 Y-Wing by Paul Nyul

Built from the fantastic Alfred Wong Kit (Seen Here), artist Paul Nyul made this his own interpretation of the Red Jammer! beautiful work!

2012-03-15 17.59.55

2012-03-15 18.00.25

2012-03-11 12.32.09

2012-03-15 19.13.36

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