Hasbro Toy TYDIRIUM Conversion WIP by Paul Nyul

The Hasbro Toys are so outstanding today that many modelers simply choose to convert what is convert-able about them! Their Shuttle Tydirium is very much one that could be made to look like a studio model,… and why Paul chose to do so!

Here’s a project I’m in the middle of, just waiting on a custom base before I can finish it off.

Fully re-built cockpit with optic fibre & LED  lighting

Neon engine lighting and blinking navigation lights

Built the front grill and scratch built detail

Re-built guns

Replaced the top large vent sticker with a metal intake grill

Accurized as close as possible to the Lucas film model.


Paul. K. Nyul

Advanced Audio Visuals


2012-05-11 14.21.20

2012-05-09 15.08.28

2012-05-09 10.48.41

2012-05-08 16.56.29

2012-05-04 12.34.31

2012-05-01 10.48.53

2012-04-05 12.17.40

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