HASBRO Sandcrawler Studio Conversion by Paul Nyul

I love when artist Paul Nyul sends me project updates he is working on. Especially those that are surprising to my eyes. This is such a project… the Hasbro Toy Sandcrawler! This is the first I have seen anyone turn THIS toy into a studio looking model. Fantastic!

A friend gave me this Hasbro Sandcrawler as a “thank you” present a couple of weeks ago. I just couldn’t leave it the way it was. Here is what I did to it:

  • Modified & narrowed top window
  • Bottom door & vents cut out & detail added.
  • Filled in the huge gap on the bottom panel. Underneath entry point with droid vacuum added.
  • Tank treads separated – they are moulded together.
  • Engine detail added.
  • Full repaint

Now it’s a little easier to put it in the Star Wars room.

Paul. K. Nyul

2012-03-29 12.07.47

2012-03-29 12.08.22

2012-03-29 12.57.21

2012-03-29 12.59.54

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