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FOR SALE!! John Eaves ‘inspired’ 36 inch ECS Norris Scratch Built by Jeff Pollizzotto




36 Inch



Plus Shipping & Handling

Inspired by designs created by industry known John Eaves, and named after the actual Navy Destroyer, this fantastic creation is a...

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FOR SALE!! Pegasus “Mercury 9” Diorama by Jeff Pollizzotto



Mercury 9 Diorama

$500 USD

Plus Shipping

Artist Jeff Pollizzotto is back with this fantastic diorama! The lighting on this is spectacular as is the finish of the piece!

This is wh...

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SOLD!! Scratch Built UFO by Jeff Pollizzotto




$300 USD

Plus Shipping

Once again artist Jeff Pollizzotto shows us his fantastic skills with this amazing scratch build of a UFO...

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SOLD!! Pulse Rifle “Inspired” Gun Prop by Jeff Pollizzotto



PULSE RIFLE “Inspired” Prop

$300 USD

Plus Shipping

I love PROPS! Almost as much as I love studio models! Today we get to show a beautiful, custom made Assault Rifle that was inspired ...

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SOLD!! 1:537 USS COURAGEOUS Destroyer from Jeff Pollizotto




Rick Sternbach’s Drawings

of the Marshall Class!!

17 Inches at 1:537



Plus Shipping & Handling

U.S. Sale Only

_8169063 copy

Scratch built one of a ki...

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Hover Tank by Jeff Pollizzotto

Artist Jeff Pollizzotto returns with this great build of a Hover Tank! Fantastic!









To visit Jeff Pollizzotto Modelworks site direct, please click the banner link above.

To contact Jeff Pollizz...

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“Dragons Domain” by Jeff Pollizzotto

While he gets his new site up and running, artist Jeff Pollizzotto sent this to me to show… I love Dragons!

“Dragons Domain”

I had picked up this resin baby dinosaur kit at a model show a few years ba...

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USS Whittington by Jeff Pollizzotto for the Karl Southcott Collection

Out of the hands of famed artist Jeff Pollizzotto and into the known collection of Mr. Karl Southcott this fantastic piece has gone! And what a magnificent piece it is!

Built from the SFSM vacuum form...

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1:72 STAR WARS Dogfight Diorama by Jeff Pollizzotto

This artist always come up with brilliant builds… and this diorama is just another successful notch in a belt that is getting very long! Jeff Pollizzotto again makes these models come to life ...

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Pegasus Classic Martian from “War of the Worlds” by Jeff Pollizzotto

Another beautiful piece from Jeff Pollizzotto! Check out what he has to say about it!

This is the new Pegasus Martian kit from the classic George Pal “War of the Worlds”...

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