USS Whittington by Jeff Pollizzotto for the Karl Southcott Collection

Out of the hands of famed artist Jeff Pollizzotto and into the known collection of Mr. Karl Southcott this fantastic piece has gone! And what a magnificent piece it is!

Built from the SFSM vacuum form kit, this build was a collaboration between Karl and myself to do something a little different to the standard Stargazer ship. As much as I like the Stargazer design (it’s a love/hate relationship for many fans) I felt it needed some upgrades to improve the basic design.

Always a question in my mind was: Why is there no forward deflector dish? Most other Trek ships are equipped with one so I had to add it. The logical (sorry) location is at the front of the saucer so out came the hanger bay and in went the dish. A big improvement.

The other area that I wanted to change were in the engine nacelles. I never liked the refit warp engine fronts. Where were the red bussard collectors? All other Trek ships had them. Why the difference for the refit? So, I made my own. Even unlit they look 100% better than stock.

The paint job is also special. I always wanted to do the dreaded Aztec pattern on my Trek ships but didn’t want to invest the time in cutting tape. The best solution, a new Sihouette vinyl cutter! The results are amazing!


Jeff Pollizzotto

JP Modelworks

Saucer 1 web

Engines 3 web

Full view web

Engines web

Rear 4 web

Rear 5 web

Rear 6 web

Saucer 2 web

Saucer web

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