1:72 STAR WARS Dogfight Diorama by Jeff Pollizzotto

This artist always come up with brilliant builds… and this diorama is just another successful notch in a belt that is getting very long! Jeff Pollizzotto again makes these models come to life with his fantastic skills!

Here is what Jeff has to say…

This is another diorama I did after Fine Molds released their super 1/72 scale Star Wars kits.

I used the base that came with the ERTL Tie fighter kit and made an RTV rubber mold and then I cast up two copies to build the base and background for the diorama. The base section was left intact but the one to be used for the background was cut up and reassembled in a different configuration to give the parts a unique look. The base and back were mounted into my standard style wood base and were painted grey and weathered with oils and pastels.

The Fine Molds kits were built out of the box and mounted on stiff wire after positioning them where I wanted them on the base. I was looking for a dramatic pose and I think I got it.

All in all, a fun build!

Jeff Pollizzotto


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