“Dragons Domain” by Jeff Pollizzotto

While he gets his new site up and running, artist Jeff Pollizzotto sent this to me to show… I love Dragons!

“Dragons Domain”

I had picked up this resin baby dinosaur kit at a model show a few years back and it sat for a while. After reading the book “Dinotopia” I was inspired to do something other than a spaceship and this is the result.

I converted the “dino” into a young dragon figure and put it into a diorama scene.

The dragon horns were sculpted from A+B putty as well as the wing bones (these over a wire armature). The “skin” for the wings was made from a household napkin that had a skin like texture on it.

I made up the landscape from some urethane sculpting foam. Various diorama rocks and grass were then added to the base. The stream he is wading in was made with water resin.

The main color of the little guy was sprayed with Tamiya paint and the detail painting was done by brush.

If you look closely, you can see a water drip coming off his foot.

Jeff Pollizzotto

Dragon 1

Dragon 2

Dragon 3

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