“ROBERT MORGAN” Warp 7 Cruiser scratch and Bash by Jeff Pollizzotto

Artist Jeff Pollizzotto is back with this fantastic creation… a Warp 7 Cruiser… the Robert Morgan! This piece fits right in with the classic Trek universe as being between the NX-01 and the Constitution 1701 we all know so well. A wonderful design!

This is what Jeff has to say…

This is the Warp 7 Cruiser “ROBERT MORGAN” named after the pilot of the first B-17 bomber to complete 25 missions in WWII (“The Memphis Belle”).

I had met Mr. Morgan at a local airshow a few years ago and I was so moved by his stories that I had to name one of my starships after him. (He has since passed away)

The model is a kit bash of parts from the Starship Modeler Logo ship I designed and a resin “Classic” Enterprise saucer. I placed the model in the time line after the NX-01 but before the Enterprise of Captain Kirk. The model is all resin except for the saucer/engineering connector which is a nose cone from an old Estes rocket kit. The model includes many aftermarket resin parts as well as the shuttle bay door section from my Dadelus model the USS Essex.

The model is painted in gloss grey and weathered with acrylics and oils. Decals were done in Adobe Photoshop and printed by JT Graphics.

Jeff Pollizzotto

JP Modelworks

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RM Rear

RM Rear 5

RM Rear 2

RM Front4

RM Front

RM Front 4

RM Front 3

RM Front 2

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