RED 2 – Created & Built by NEXUS Models for the Stefan Hacker Collection

NEXUS Models are what I consider to be great examples of the top of this art form. Not only do they create the kits they build, but they also offer full builds of them to Collectors all over the world! Their work is some of the finest I have seen… and Collector Stefan Hacker now has his own testimony of that work in his own collection with this beautiful build of RED 2! the X-Wing piloted throughout the Star Wars Saga by Wedge Antilles! Check out this amazing piece!

To contact NEXUS Models direct to obtain your own

Studio X-Wing, simply CLICK HERE!






Red 2-01

Red 2-02

Red 2-03

Red 2-04

Red 2-05

Red 2-06

Red 2-07

Red 2-08

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