ORION Take Off – Composite Art by Warren Zoell Commemorating the End of the NASA Shuttle Era

Canadian Artist Warren Zoell has so many fantastic composite works that I sometimes have a difficult time deciding which to show next! This one specifically caught my eye today with the beauty of  this Space Plane taking off…. and like the last Shuttle mission that is in progress above our planet right this moment, I believe this composite appropriate  to commemorate the end of the U.S. NASA Shuttle Era. A beautiful composite for a most significant event in human history. Nicely done Warren!

I would like to take this moment to thank all in NASA, and the other agencies, who worked so hard to take us outside of our own atmosphere to other worlds. And to those imaginative scientists, test pilots and astronauts who literally gave their lives in the missions that define what heroism is all about! Kuhn Global, Inc. and Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic Salutes you ALL!

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orion take off

Farewell to our Shuttle Program.

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