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“Balance of Terror” – Composite Art by Warren Zoell

The Romulan Bird of Prey….. first seen in Star Trek the Original Series “Balance of Terror” in which the Romulan seak across the neutral zone and begin destroying Federation Outposts to test ...

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SEAQUEST – Composite Art by Warren Zoell

Back again is the fantastic Canadian artist Warren Zoell! Today showing his talent in placing the Seaquest in an actual scene! Nicely done!

To visit the fantastic artist’s site, please click...

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Hoplomachy over Tethys – Composite Art by Warren Zoell

Here is another beautiful piece by artist Warren Zoell...

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NEW Star Trek POSTERS created by Robin Clifford!

Artist Robin Clifford has returned with these fantastic new Star Trek Posters! One made for Japan, both are beautifully done!

To contact Robin direct, please click HERE.

To view this piece in it’s ori...

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Red Sky Bird of Prey – Composite Art by Warren Zoell

This is beautiful! Enough said! Great job to artist Warren Zoell!

To visit this fantastic artist’s site, please click on his banner link below…


To view this piece in it’s large size, please ...

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ORION Take Off – Composite Art by Warren Zoell Commemorating the End of the NASA Shuttle Era

Canadian Artist Warren Zoell has so many fantastic composite works that I sometimes have a difficult time deciding which to show next! This one specifically caught my eye today with the beaut...

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SEAVIEW – Composite Art by Warren Zoell

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea….. on of Irwin Allen’s fantastic adventures! Here is a great scene done by Canadian artist Warren Zoell that is beautiful...

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Moon Bus – Composite Art by Warren Zoell

What a beautiful moonscape with one of the recognizable vehicles from 2001…. The Moon Bus! Canadian artist Warren Zoell has again captured my mind with his beautiful work!

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IO and Sulaco – Composite Art by Warren Zoell

Once again Canadian artist Warren Zoell brings his beautiful composite art to this Gallery...

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Eagle Clavius – Composite Art by Warren Zoell

I absolutely love this composite by artist Warren Zoell. Obviously from Space 1999 and 2001 ASO, this piece shows the magnificent Eagle flying over the Clavius base from 2001. Beautiful!

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