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Studio Scale X-Wing Kit

Kit Scale: 1:24
Kit Materials: Resin, Brass and Aluminum
Number of Pieces: 99 Resin, 2 Aluminum, 2 Decal Sheets
Kit Price $750 US plus Shipping
Shipping Amount: Please Contact.
Payment Methods: Please Contact
PayPal E-Mail Address: rodmart@nexus-models.cl

Kit Description:The kit consists of 99 resin parts, 2 aluminum parts, 2 decal sheets, instruction sheet for building the guns and main assembly instruction sheet. We will be able to include brass tubes for our first 14 kits. If we are able to get more brass tubing we will keep including them in the future. The price of the kit does not vary with or without the brass tubing.

The decal sheets include helmet markings for Red 1 to 6 and Control Panel consoles. Both sets include each decal twice because they are really small and easily ruined…. speaking from personal experience with them. Remember these decals are not pre-cut, you must cut each one of them before applying.

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Nexus Models.

X-Wing Revisited Model Kit
Part List:

Main Fuselage
1–1-Upper Fuselage
2–1-Lower Fuselage
3–1-Droid Strip
4–1-Deflector shield Generator hatch (Droid Strip)
5–1 Butt
6–1 Butt (Sherman-Harrow part)
7–1 R2-D2
8–1 R4-M9
9–1 R5-D4
10–1 Nose
11–1 Front Control Panel
12–1 Rear Control Panel
14–2 Side Control Panel
15–1 Seat
16–1 Pilot
18–2 Pilot arms
19–1 Belly Hatch
21–2 Side Hatch

23–2 Right Wings
25–2 Left Wings
29–4 Inner Wings F-4 Engines
31–2 Stug Jacks A
33–2 Stug Jacks B
37–4 Rear Stug Jacks C
41–4 Rear Wing Sherman-Hummel Detail
43–2 Saturn V Section A
45–2 Saturn V Section B
49–4 Interior Saturn V parts
53–4 Sea Lab Parts – Intake
57–4 Revisited rear caps
61–4 Fusial Thrust Engines
65–4 Exhaust nozzle
69–4 Heatsinks

71–2 A Guns
73–2 B Guns
77–4 Gun Hammer caps
81–8 HeatSinks
89–4 Round Cooling sleeves
93–4 Magnetic Flashback Suppressors
97–4 Hummel Policaps

98 -Resin Armature A
99-Resin Armature B
100-Aluminium Part 1
101-Octagon ( Aluminium)Pilots,Droids & Decals

You can also see that I sculpted an R4-M9 for the Red 4 version. I will soon have an R5 for the Red 1 and Red 6 models.
Each kit will include:
1 Pilot
1 R2-D2
1 R4-M9
1 R5-D4
1 Helmet Decal set
2 Control Panel Decal Set
1 Aluminum-Resin Armature
Plus instruction sheet for decals and gun brass tubing.

* We will include the brass tubing for the guns when ever we are able to find brass tubing here.
We have brass tubing for our first 10 models.

Rodolfo Martínez

NEXUS Models


Full Kit-01


Full Kit-02

Full Kit-03

Full Kit-04

Gun Brass Tubing Print


Red 4 -02
Red 5 -01
Red 5 -02
Red 5 -03
Red 5 -Cockpit


Rodolfo Martinez




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