Full Sized Prop – Viper Mk VII from Jared Bronson (SpaceMind Modeler)

After receiving an email from Frank Winspur of MOEBIUS MODELS asking if I had access to reference of the MK VII Landing Gear, I immediately called a few people that always come through. Frank Cerney, Morton Moeslund and Jared Bronson. Frank and Moe had the CG model renders (designed by Eric Chu) for the gear, while Jared Bronson (of SpaceMind Modeler) came through with these photos of the full sized prop used for the movies and series Battlestar Galactica. The photos were taken at the auction. All the reference material then went to industry famed master artist Gary Kerr to blueprint for the kit. Due to their willingness to share what they had, ALL of these gentlemen will now be receiving credit for their contributions to the creation of the 1:32 Moebius Viper Mk VII model kit that we will all be enjoying soon.

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Please enjoy these photos of the full sized MK VII Prop from Jared Bronson.








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