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Colonial Viper MK VII by Christopher Hall

Built from the outstanding  Moebius kit, artist Chris Hall made this piece to look like “Capt. Apollo’s” full sized prop Viper seen HERE...

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1:20 Viper Mk II – Adama’s “Husker” by Jared Bronson (SpaceMind Modeler)

This fantastic piece was built from an amazing kit by Utah’s SpaceMind Modeler himself, Jared Bronson! Building it as Commander Adama’s  Fighter from the Cylon Wars under his Call Sign “HUSKER” was an...

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Full Sized Prop – Viper Mk VII from Jared Bronson (SpaceMind Modeler)

After receiving an email from Frank Winspur of MOEBIUS MODELS asking if I had access to reference of the MK VII Landing Gear, I immediately called a few people that always come through...

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