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KIT ALERT!! Cylon Raider Lighting Kit from VooDooFX





We are proud to release the “Raider Lighting Kit” add on electronics kit, designed and fit for Moebius Models Cylon Raider...

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SOLD!! Jupiter 2 from “Lost in Space” Super Scale (18 inch diameter) Ultra Detailed Interior with LED Lighting


NEW for 2012!!



Lost in Space

1:32 Jupiter 2

With LED & Fiber Optic Lighting!!


This is a must have for all fans of the 60’s classic Scifi tv series ” Lost in Space”

This terrific l...

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Colonial Viper MK VII by Christopher Hall

Built from the outstanding  Moebius kit, artist Chris Hall made this piece to look like “Capt. Apollo’s” full sized prop Viper seen HERE...

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KIT ALERT!! TWO Sizes!!1:32 Colonial Hangar Bay Kits from Yeti Forge Models




Colonial Hangar Bay Kits (Two Sizes!!)

*E-Mail Address: tundrayeti1@yahoo...

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1:32 Moebius Models Viper Mark 2 Build Up by Richard Long for the David Jones Collection

Moebius Models

Viper Mark 2

Build Up with Lights!

LED Lighting including cockpit, engines and fiber optic lit running lights in the tips of the wings...

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1:32 “EXCALIBUR” Viper Mk II by Chris Rogerson

Professional U.K. artist Chris Rogerson is back with his MOEBIUS kit build of the Viper MK II...

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KIT ALERT! 2001:ASO Space Clipper from Moebius Models

February 21, 2011

This fantastic kit has arrived! View your local hobby store to purchase!

Here are some new photos of the actual production kit… straight from the box! The amazing decal sheet...

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1:4105 MOEBIUS Galactica by Eric Duchin

Another great build of the MOEBIUS Galactica! This time by known artist Eric Duchin! We have shown his fantastic works before and this is an excellent addition to his list...

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1:32 Starbuck’s Viper MK II in Pristine Condition by Keith Sullivan

Built from the amazing MOEBIUS Models kit, artist Keith Sullivan again brings us a beautiful build! This time, Starbuck’s Viper Mk II is on the Landing Deck in pristine condition… right off the Museum...

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1:32 Viper Mk II build by Keith Sullivan

When MOEBIUS Models decided to release the new Battlestar Kits… everyone new they would be a huge hit with modelers! This artist, Keith Sullivan, is back again with his second showing… a Viper MkII bu...

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